author’s note: The full version of this essay was written after I had a conversation with Andy Weir on the MySpace religion and philosophy forum in 2007. I had posted a shorter version of this and he commented asking questions about my view of the universe. After the conversation I took some of my responses and added them to this essay. If you want proof this essay was written in 2007, two years before Andy published (i.e. plagiarized) the conversation in a short story called The Egg in 2009, here’s a video of me opening an email dated Oct 2007 where I included most of this essay.

Infinite Reincarnation

Copyright 2007 – Chiyote

Infinite reincarnation explained using Science and the Torah with respect to Buddhism:

God is all things. We separate God into “God of Good” and “God of Bad.” But face it, God created all things, including Satan and his attitude. But good and bad are opinions. What is good for you isn’t always good for me. And something such as murder, which you would think everyone views as bad, isn’t always viewed as bad. We have capital punishment for example. It is best instead to think of God of Positive, and God of Negative. A positive is a gain, something is given. A negative is a lack, something is taken or destroyed.

  • God is separated into positive and negative.
  • God is in all things, and omnipresent.
  • God is that which never had a beginning and never had an end, and thus is infinite.

Now, Christians say that there is only one God and God will not share the same definition with any other thing on Earth.


  • Energy is separated into Positive and Negative
  • In studying the atom, we understand that energy is in all things separated into positive and negative
  • The law of conservation of energy states that energy can not be created and can not be destroyed, and thus is infinite. If it can’t be created, it has no beginning. If it can’t be destroyed, it has no end. And thus is infinite.

So, could this mean God=Energy?

If God = Energy, then it can be concluded that the electricity in your brain is your “soul” . It is the reason you are able to doubt, to think. It is the source of your conscious mind. It plays “connect the dots” in your brain, connecting brain cells to brain cells which cause you to function as you do. Since your soul is electricity, it can be said that your soul would behave as energy would. It can not be created, nor destroyed, only transferred and it would be infinite.

Now infinite means that it travels on different planes separately and simultaneously. We understand the time/space continuum as has been explained with Einstein’s idea of General Relativity, that you would reincarnate without the bounds of time. This means that you are every person who ever lived and will ever live and that there is only one soul and that the soul is shared.

Only now has man had the ability to understand that which I am telling you. I am not using this to start a religion or a cult (synonyms in my opinion) nor do I care if anyone ever learns my name. I just want people to understand their existence so that we can be at peace and to understand that Heaven and Hell are here on Earth. The heaven you create is the heaven you deserve. The hell you create is the hell you deserve. And as blasphemous as this seems, you will one day reincarnate into the messiah that everyone worships. That when you worship “Jesus” you are worshiping another version of yourself.

This philosophy, if spread, would create Peace, Unity, Respect, Love, and would teach others to be responsible. If you were about to murder someone, you would think twice if you knew that was just another version of yourself. Also that you are no better than the lowest of beggars, and no worse than the richest man in power. It is very strengthening that would help balance the ego. This belief has done so much for my own biases. It is very balanced.