The bright light of the morning sun broke through the blinds of Adam’s bedroom window, its warmth falling gently on his face, which irritated Adam to no end. He instinctively rolled over and pulled the soft blanket over his head and squished his face snuggly into the pillow to avoid the light forcing him awake. A cold nose that burrowed itself through the comforter followed by a wet tongue licking the tip of Adam’s own nose meant it was futile. Adam stirred himself upright begrudgingly. A small ball of fur the color of fire hopped off the bed and darted around the room in a zig zag flame until coming to an abrupt halt by Adam’s nightstand.

“Good morning to you too Martez!” Adam says while giving the good boy all the head scritches. Martez stood on his back legs looking up at Adam doing what Adam refers to as the “beggar dance.” It’s one of the most absolutely adorable things in the whole world, where Martez will hop while waving his arms up and down as if to lift himself in the air, sometimes succeeding. Adam has often thought about putting a tutu on Martez because of it, but feared it would possibly ruin their friendship.

“Wanna go outside?” Martez snorted while shaking his head. “Wanna go eat?” Martez spun a circle and darted off toward the kitchen.  Adam put on his shirt and followed him through the living room.

“Finally! He arises!!” said an excited voice. Sitting cross legged on the floor in front of the couch is Nate, rolling a joint on the coffee table, nearly finished.

“What… what are you doing here?” Adam asked.

“It’s wake and bake! And I helped!” Nate said, jumping to his feet and sticking the joint squarely in Adam’s lips, producing a struck zippo with his other hand and lighting his masterpiece. Adam coughed

“Alright, but then I have to get ready for work. I’m already late again.” Adam said.

 Martez looked up at Adam with his head cocked to the side, curious if he had been forgotten about. Adam passed the joint back to Nate and poured food into the pup’s bowl, which gained all of Martez’ attention.

“Well, if you’re already late then what are you trying to avoid? This will make it easier if they decide to chew you out.” passing the wand back to Adam.

“And you know,” Adam coughed, “they will.”.

“You won’t have to put up with it forever.” Nate says, patting Adam’s back.

“I thought you were on some grand adventure. I’m honestly surprised to see you again so soon.” Adam said.

“I still am! But some adventures swing around back to the start.” Nate beams with content pride.

“No where else to go?” Adam asked.

“Pretty much.”

“I’m glad to see you, and glad you still have my key. I take it you plan on crashing on the couch?”

“If you don’t mind. Unless it’s infested or something.” Nate said.

“A couple fleas maybe, and now a Nate. Ok, I have to get ready.” Adam said while passing the joint back.